Growth of Single Crystals of Silver Halides in Silica Gels at Near Ambient Temperatures


THE growth of single crystals by controlled diffusion in gels at near ambient temperatures offers intriguing advantages for substances which are sparingly soluble in the gel medium or which dissociate at the high temperatures so frequently employed for crystal growth1, or both. The gel diffusion growth method has been described as most applicable to materials with solubilities in aqueous solutions in the order of 10−1 to 10−2 weight per cent at ambient temperatures2. We report the successful application of the gel growth method to substances, the solubilities of which range from 10−5 to 10−7 weight per cent, thus enhancing its use for preparing single crystals of quite low solubility substances.

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BLANK, Z., SPEYER, D., BRENNER, W. et al. Growth of Single Crystals of Silver Halides in Silica Gels at Near Ambient Temperatures. Nature 216, 1103–1104 (1967).

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