Phosphate Esters of Human Erythrocytes: Synthesis of ITP-14C from Inosine-8-14C


THE recent finding of relatively large concentrations of inosine triphosphate (ITP) (44–51 µg of phosphorus/g of haemoglobin) in erythrocytes obtained from two members of a family1 led to a closer investigation of the nucleotide composition of normal erythrocytes. A detailed analysis of several samples of fresh human erythrocytes revealed the presence of small amounts of ITP in an average concentration of 1.8 µg of phosphorus/g of haemoglobin2. From these studies it was concluded that ITP is a normal constituent of human erythrocytes.

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VANDERHEIDEN, B. Phosphate Esters of Human Erythrocytes: Synthesis of ITP-14C from Inosine-8-14C. Nature 216, 1036–1037 (1967).

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