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Formation of Pyrrolic Compounds by Ultra-violet Irradiation of δ-Aminolevulinic Acid

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STUDY of the abiogenic formation of biologically important compounds under primitive Earth conditions has led us to suggest the probable path of synthesis of porphine-like substances 1 a d . This hypothesis proposes that porphines and porphine-like substances were formed spontaneously by condensation of pyrroles and aldehydes. A similar scheme has also been suggested by Krasnovskii2. The aldehyde, one of the required starting materials for this spontaneous synthesis, has been found as a product of the exposure of Urey's atmosphere to electrical discharges 3 a,b . The other primitive reactant, pyrrole, was assumed to be present, since acetylene and ammonia under primitive Earth conditions would form pyrroles by the action of electrical discharges4.

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