Reactivity of Aromatic Compounds towards Hydrogen Atoms

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THE reactivity of aromatic compounds toward hydrated electrons and hydroxyl radicals has been the subject of various recent investigations1,2. The effects of substituents on the reactivities of benzene and benzoate ion were correlated with the substituent constant (σ) of Hammett's equation. It has been shown that the mechanism of attack of hydroxyl radicals on aromatic compounds is analogous to electrophilic aromatic substitution2. On the other hand, the reactions of hydrated electrons followed a pattern analogous to nucleophilic substitution. The reactivity of aromatic compounds toward hydrogen atoms was investigated in order to study the nature of the PhX + H reaction.

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ANBAR, M., MEYERSTEIN, D. & NETA, P. Reactivity of Aromatic Compounds towards Hydrogen Atoms. Nature 209, 1348 (1966) doi:10.1038/2091348a0

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