Enzymatic Synthesis of Cyclo propane Fatty Aldehydes


FATTY aldehydes containing a cyclopropane ring have been isolated after acid methanolysis of the phospholipids obtained from Clostridium butyricum. 36 per cent by weight of the fatty aldehydes contained a cyclopropane ring1,2. Zalkin et al.3 and Chung and Law4 have shown that cyclopropane fatty acids are formed by the addition of a methyl group from S-adenosylmethionine to an unsaturated fatty acid moiety of phosphatidylethanolamine. An enzyme which catalyses this addition has been purified from extracts of C. butyricum4,5 The vinyl ether-linked, aldehydogenic chains in C. butyricum plasmalogens can be derived from exogenous fatty acids and fatty acid precursors, presumably by way of the normal pathways for fatty acid synthesis2.

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CHUNG, A., GOLDFINE, H. Enzymatic Synthesis of Cyclo propane Fatty Aldehydes. Nature 206, 1253–1254 (1965) doi:10.1038/2061253c0

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