Nomenclature of Polymorphic Protein Systems


IN this communication some suggestions as to nomenclature of polymorphic protein systems are considered. For these, primarily those of blood, the number of recognized systems increases rapidly in both man and animals. The techniques for detecting and characterizing such systems vary. This bears some influence on the problem of nomenclature. If we, for example, have a system recognized by serological methods only, the common practice has been to name the first-found character A (or a)1, the next B (or b) and so on. The letters therefore merely show the order of detection. After the characters have been classified into genetic systems, letter designations, usually two, have been ascribed to each system. Such a nomenclature is sufficient if characters belonging to the same system do not show a second order of relationship which is contradictory to the alphabetical order. This often happens with polymorphic proteins characterized by their different rates of migration as determined by, for example, the technique of electrophoresis.

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