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A Second Example of – – –/– – – Blood or Rhnull



THE blood of a white female (Mrs. L. M.) was submitted for testing following the birth of her first infant, who was slightly anæmic at the age of 2–3 weeks. The maternal serum contained anti-e. Her red cells failed to react with 5 anti-D, 5 anti-C, 13 anti-E, 14 anti-c, 9 anti-e, 1 anti-f, 2 anti-CW, 1 anti-CX, 3 anti-Ce(rhi), 1 anti-hrs, and 1 anti-G. The red cells also failed to react with the sera of four immunized –D–/–D– individuals. Her phenotype can be represented as – – –/– – – or as suggested by Ceppellini1 as “Rhnull”. The other antigens—A1, N, s, k, Fy(a + b −), Jk(a −), Le(a − b +)—appeared to be normal.


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