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Dipyrrylvinyl Pyridines as Trichuricides



WHIPWORM infections in man and dog have been, until recent years, quite difficult to eradicate. During the past decade several compounds have been found to have activity against these worms. These compounds are ‘Phthalofyne’ orally1 or intravenously2, dithiazanine iodide3, stilbazium iodide4,5, and ‘Glycobiarsol’6. However, most of these drugs require large doses in mg/kg or a series of doses, or they have undesirable side-effects, or the worm loss is not high enough. Among the numerous modifications of stilbazium iodide4 which were prepared, a number of members of the dipyrryl vinyl pyridines were found to have activity against the dog whipworm, Trichuris vulpis.


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