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Effect of d-Gamma-tocopherol on the Incidence of Teratogeny in Vitamin E-deficient Rats



IT has been found that administration of an adequate dose of d,1-α-tocopheryl acetate (d,1-ATA, 1 mg or more) to vitamin E-deficient rats, not later than the 8th day of gestation, prevented fœtal resorption and insured birth of the usual number of full-term normal young1. When female rats were given vitamin E at too late a stage of pregnancy (after the 12th day of gestation) their fœtuses were partially or wholly resorbed or were dwarfed and dead. Congenital abnormalities occurred when a single dose of 1 mg or more of vitamin E was given at a critical time during gestation, between the 8th and 12th days. Such abnormalities included exencephalus, cleft palate, facial fissures, arrested development of the parietal and occipital bones, nasal fossæ and sternebræ, ectocardia and gastroschisis.

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