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Inactivation of Protein in Poliovirus by Nitrous Acid

Naturevolume 193pages601602 (1962) | Download Citation



LIKE other viruses, poliomyelitis virus undergoes inactivation in the presence of nitrous acid1,2. Since the inactivation of whole poliovirus is accompanied by the induction of mutations2, the process must involve the virus's genetic material (ribonucleic acid, RNA); it is not known, however, whether all the inactivating events are at the RNA-level, or whether some of them result from the reaction of nitrous acid with the viral protein (protein inactivation). As indicated in this communication, some results from several lines of investigations support the latter hypothesis.


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  1. Department of Bacteriology and Virology, University of Ghent, Belgium

    • A. BOEYÉ


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