Zinc Content of Expressed Human Prostatic Fluid


Bertrand and Vladesco1 were the first to show the remarkably high concentration of zinc in the human prostate. The figures obtained by them were 0.49 and 0.53 mgm./gm. dry weight. Mawson and Fischer2 found the average zinc concentration in 7 normal human prostates to be 0.859 mgm./gm. dry weight. Hoare et al.3 found an average of 0.744 mgm./gm. dry weight in 19 normal human prostates. Higher zinc-levels have been reported in human spermatozoa (1.998 mgm./gm. dry weight)4, in human seminal plasma (3.1 mgm./gm. dry weight)5, and in 3 specimens of human carcinoid tissue (av. 1.702 mgm./gm. dry weight)6 (Table 1).

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