Hydrolysis of α-Sulphoquinovosides by β-Galactosidase


EVERY photosynthetic tissue so far examined has been found to contain a high concentration of a sulpholipid1 the structure of which has been elucidated as 6-sulpho-α-D-quinovopyranosy-(1→1′)-2′,3′-diacyl-D-glycerol2,3. A high concentration of the deacylated form of the sulpholipid, G-quinSO3H, occurs in Chlorella and Scenedesmus4. This unique glycoside is cleaved to yield glycerol and 6-sulpho-D-quinovose by a highly purified preparation of β-galactosidase from Escherichia coli ML 308 (ref. 5).

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