Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Growth and Indoleacetic Acid Oxidase Activity of Lupinus albus L. exposed to Different Photoperiods


THE leaves of 14-day-old Lupinus albus plants (variety Gyulatanyai édes) exhibit a high indoleacetic acid oxidase activity if grown under short-day conditions. In the leaves of plants exposed to long days and exhibiting more intense growth indoleacetic acid oxidase activity can be detected only after dialysis of the extracts1. The total phenol content of short-day exemplars is lower than that of long-day ones2 (Table 1). Therefore, it is very probable that the indoleacetic acid oxidase activity of Lupinus seedlings is influenced by the phenol content of the leaves, and indirectly the growth response of plants to different photoperiods depends on the level of phenolics.

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