Effects of Kinetin and Indole-3-acetic Acid on Multiplication Rates of Paramecium


KINETIN (6-furfuryl aminopurine) is known to cause division in certain plant cells which could not otherwise divide1. But other cases are reported in which the rate of cell division is decreased after its application, for example, those of De Ropp2, Kemp et al. 3, Pilet et al. 4, and Ham et al. 5. How this substance affects the rate of division of animal cells is a question of interest. In a recent report6, Guttman and Back re-analysed data and repeated experiments in which they had previously7 found that kinetin causes an increase in the rate of division of Paramecium caudatum when added in low doses to the culture medium. Their later work6 indicated that stimulation of cell division was present, but on a lower level than that previously reported. Coincident with the appearance of the second report of Guttman and Back, we reported elsewhere8 the results of experiments in which kinetin, when used at the same concentrations and under similar conditions, was found to be inhibitory to division of P. caudatum.

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