Effect of Iproniazid on the Antileukæmic Action of Reserpine


AN earlier communication reported the ability of reserpine to exert an antitumour effect1. This effect has been, in general, associated with the depressant action of the drug on the central nervous system1–3. Treatment with reserpine produced a significant increase in the survival-time of mice carrying advanced lymphoid leukæmia (L1210) and caused regression of the local tumour which develops at the inoculation site1. Robison et al. have made similar observations2. Belkin observed that reserpine and chlorpromazine inhibited the growth of the solid tumour, sarcoma 373. Cranston4, on the other hand, failed to demonstrate inhibitory action on recent transplants of spontaneous mammary adenocarcinoma in mice with reserpine, chlorpromazine, promazine or promethazine. Chorazy5 found no inhibitory effect of chlorpromazine on Crocker sarcoma or Ehrlich carcinoma in mice.

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