Configuration of the 6-Hydroxyl Group in Phenolic Steroids


DURING recent years reports from various laboratories have indicated that phenolic steroids substituted at C6 may have biological significance. Thus, Mueller and Rumney1 provided evidence for the conversion of radioactive œstradiol-17β to 6-hydroxyœstradiol-17β by mouse liver microsomes in vitro. Furthermore, 6-hydroxyœstradiol-17β has been isolated as a metabolite after incubation of œstradiol-17β with slices of rat liver2 and human fœtal liver3. Bush et al. 4 detected 6-hydroxyœstradiol-17β in the follicular fluid of the mare, and Marrian5 reported on the isolation of a new Kober chromogen (KC–6B) which appears to be identical with a 6-hydroxyœstrone.

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