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HD 101065—a G0 Star with High Metal Content


ON April 26, 1960, in the course of a spectroscopic survey of stars with large proper motions, a spectrum of the eighth magnitude star HD 101065 was observed with the Zeiss spectrograph at the Newtonian focus of the 74-in. telescope at Mount Stromlo Observatory. This star, classified as a B5 star in the Henry Draper Catalogue, proved to be a much cooler star with a peculiar spectrum of unknown type. The spectral type of this star as estimated from the continuum, and later confirmed by three-colour photometry undertaken at my request by Mr. J. B. Whiteoak, is K0. The spectrum, however, shows strong hydrogen lines corresponding to class F8 or G0. The assumption that this star may have a composite spectrum could not be substantiated by the appearance of the spectrum in the violet region since the strength of all Balmer lines uniformly corresponds to that of a G0 star. The constant radial velocity of + 2.3 ± 1.0 km./sec. (based on three plates) and the six-colour photometry described here also suggest that the star HD 101065 is not a spectroscopic binary. In the HMTL, the author's surname was corrupted by character recognition software and was corrected on 29 September 2017.


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