Dipole Moments of Fluorine Monoxide and Sulphur Tetrafluoride


IN setting up a teaching experiment on the dipole moments of gases, we recently took the opportunity to measure the temperature dependence of the polarization of fluorine monoxide (F2O) and sulphur tetrafluoride (SF4). The condenser comprised two concentric stainless steel cylinders similar to that described by Groves and Sugden1. The capacity of the condenser was about 80 pF. and was measured with an accuracy of 1 part in 16,000 by a ratio-transformer bridge. The condenser was mounted in a cylindrical glass vessel which was immersed in the thermostat bath. Capacities were measured with the gases at atmospheric pressure over the temperature ranges −78° to +80° C. for fluorine monoxide and −30° to +80° C. for sulphur tetrafluoride. The apparatus was calibrated with dry air free of carbon dioxide to eliminate the effect of stray capacity. Fluorine monoxide was made by bubbling fluorine, diluted with nitrogen, through 2 per cent caustic soda solution2 : sulphur tetrafluoride was obtained through the courtesy of Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd. (Alkali Division).


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