Renal Oxygen Tension


URINE oxygen tension is regularly lower than the oxygen tension of renal venous blood. When urine does not contain large amounts of reducing substances, for example, ascorbic acid, the urinary oxygen consumption is very low and cannot account for the low oxygen tension of fresh pelvic urine1. It has been calculated that only insignificant oxygen tension gradient may exist across the tubule wall2. The low urine oxygen tension therefore indicates that some segment of the tubule system has a lower oxygen tension then renal venous blood. Reeves et al. 2 have suggested a low oxygen tension in the peritubular capillaries due to ‘plasma skimming’3, and that urine oxygen tension is determined in the convoluted tubules. As the collecting ducts have been shown to be freely permeable to water and urea, howrever, an equilibration of the urine oxygen tension with medullary oxygen tension as well seems highly probable. Determination of the availability of oxygen to a platinum electrode introduced into the various zones of the dog kidney was therefore undertaken.


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