Proton Magnetic Resonance of the Water Phase of Gelatin Gels


RESULTS have recently been reported concerning the proton magnetic resonance line-width of the water phase of starch gels1. I have examined the solvent line-width of gelatin gels at 16.7 Mc./sec. in a field of 3,910 gauss with the spectrometer now in use at this laboratory. The samples were contained in soda glass tubes of 1.2 mm. inside diameter. Sample spinning at about 1,200 r.p.m. was employed. The instrumental resolution was 0.12 p.p.m. The measurements were carried out at +20° C. The gels were made by solution at 85–90° C. of commercial gelatin in distilled water. The most concentrated gel (0.2 gm. gelatin per ml. water) was also examined with various concentrations of sodium chloride.


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