Separation of Human Serum Albumins


THE presence of several protein components in human serum albumin was recently demonstrated1–3by two-dimensional zone electrophoresis (filter paper followed by starch gel)4. Their identity with albumin was determined by two-dimensional zone electrophoresis3. The proteins are not related to those described by Knedel4 or by Gitlin et al. 5. During our work on normal human sera, several new proteins were observed which had the same mobility as albumin by filter paper electrophoresis (at pH 8.6), but which when subjected to electrophoresis in starch gel in a discontinuous system of buffers7 migrated more slowly than albumin. These proteins can be divided into two main groups: the members of the first group are immunologically related to albumin and one of them is present in sera in about 50 per cent of all normal adults and children. These proteins will be referred to as ‘albumin-like proteins’.


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