Use of Collagenase in the Characterization of Pseudocœlomic Membranes of Ascaris lumbricoides

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THE longitudinal muscle cells of Ascaris lumbricoides are enclosed in sheaths that form part of the system of pseudocœlomic membranes covering the internal organs of nematodes. The nature of these membranes is obscure, though Monné1 demonstrated that they stain like collagen. Collagenous structures previously described in Ascaris are the cuticle and the basal lamella of the intestine. The collagenous nature of the former was inferred from the results of X-ray studies2 and paper chromatographic analysis3, that of the latter from X-ray studies only4. Neither material showed any trace of a banded structure in electron micrographs, nor did X-ray diffraction photographs suggest the presence of long spacings.

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DAWSON, B. Use of Collagenase in the Characterization of Pseudocœlomic Membranes of Ascaris lumbricoides . Nature 187, 799 (1960) doi:10.1038/187799a0

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