Homotransplant Antigens: Preparation of Active Cellular Fractions

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WE have reported recently a method for the measurement of the antigenicity of whole splenic cells using highly inbred strains of mice in a homo-transplant system1. Using this method of assay, we have tested fractions of mouse splenic cells for antigenic activity. Below are described the preparation and properties of tissue fractions active as antigens in a homotransplant system. Other methods of preparation of antigenic fractions from tissues have been described by Billingham, Brent and Medawar2, by Berrian and Brent3, by Hašková and Hrubešová4, by Castermans and Oth5, and Lejeune-Ledant and Albert6.

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MANN, L., CORSON, J. & DAMMIN, G. Homotransplant Antigens: Preparation of Active Cellular Fractions. Nature 187, 774–776 (1960) doi:10.1038/187774a0

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