Structure of AgSCN.P(n-C3H7)3

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COMPLEXES of silver iodide with n-alkyl trisubstituted phosphines are tetrahedrally co-ordinated1. Complexes with trico-ordinated silver can be prepared with substituted alkyl–aryl phosphines2. Electronic effects due to alkyl substitution cannot be neglected, as factors which could influence the change in co-ordination3; however, their importance must not be over-emphasized2. In fact, silver (I) very easily changes its co-ordination according to the nature of co-ordinating groups, and the factors which affect the changes of stereochemistry are not at all clear4.

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TURCO, A., PANATTONI, C. & FRASSON, E. Structure of AgSCN.P(n-C3H7)3 . Nature 187, 772–773 (1960) doi:10.1038/187772a0

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