Tumourigenesis in Ovaries of Mice Transplanted to the Liver, Kidney and Adjacent Tissues

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OVARIAN tumours, though rare in normal mice, occur with high frequency under a variety of experimental conditions: low doses of total body X-radiation1, transplantation to the spleen2, application of 9:10-dimethyl–l:2-benzanthracene to nearby skin3 return to normal site after a short sojourn in the spleen4, in mice hereditarily deficient with respect to reproductive function5, and in ovaries transplanted to the testes of intact mice6.

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GUTHRIE, M. Tumourigenesis in Ovaries of Mice Transplanted to the Liver, Kidney and Adjacent Tissues. Nature 184, 916–917 (1959) doi:10.1038/184916a0

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