A New Trichothecin-like Antifungal Antibiotic

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IN a screening programme for antibiotic effects of Basidiomycetes we found a strain which inhibited Candida albicans. The antifungal substance was produced by this strain in surface and submerged culture in a medium containing peptone, glucose, inorganic salts and aneurin. The substance for which we provisionally propose the name ‘antibiotic-T’ was easily extracted from the fermentation liquor by most of the usual solvents. After extraction with benzene and evaporation of the solvent the residue became crystalline within a few days. Recrystallization twice from methyl alcohol gave pure crystals (prisms), melting point 126°C.,[α]D 20 + 13.5°, c. 1 in chloroform. No ultra-violet absorption characteristic of antifungal antibiotics of the polyene type was found. The antibiotic contains no halogen, sulphur or nitrogen. Micro-analyses: found (per cent): carbon, 68.51; hydrogen, 7.6; and oxygen, 25.0. The substance is very slightly soluble in hot water and gives a neutral solution; it is soluble in alcohols and sunflower oil and readily soluble in non-polar solvents. Its solution in water is stable for two months, is thermo-stable at its boiling point, but is inactivated at pH 12 within a few hours.

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GLAZ, E., SCHEIBER, E., GYIMESI, J. et al. A New Trichothecin-like Antifungal Antibiotic. Nature 184, 908 (1959) doi:10.1038/184908a0

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