Occurrence of 3-Indolylacetic and 3-Indolecarboxylic Acids in Tomato Crown—Gall Tissue Extracts

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A NUMBER of publications1 report high auxin activity in extracts of tumour tissue initiated by the crown-gall organism, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, and indirect evidence indicates a high rate of auxin metabolism in this tissue2. Suggestions have been made that 3-indolylacetic acid is involved, although this has not been proved. There is evidence that auxin activity occurs at the same or a similar R F as 3-indolylacetic acid on one-dimensional chromatograms and other investigations indicate that 3-indolylacetic acid or “an auxin with same R F” is present in extracts of aseptically cultured gall tissue of tobacco and sunflower3. We have carried out single and two-dimensional paper chromatography with the acid fraction from ether extracts of large quantities of tomato crown-gall tissue grown on the stems of whole plants to determine whether 3-indolylacetic acid is in fact present.

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CLARKE, G., DYE, M. & WAIN, R. Occurrence of 3-Indolylacetic and 3-Indolecarboxylic Acids in Tomato Crown—Gall Tissue Extracts. Nature 184, 825–826 (1959) doi:10.1038/184825a0

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