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Production of Serum Albumin and of Globulins by Chick Mesenchymal Tissue and by HeLa Tumour Tissue in Culture

  • An Erratum to this article was published on 26 September 1959


A TECHNIQUE has been described for establishing the autonomous production of well-defined soluble proteins by tissue in culture1,2. The tissue is grown in a medium containing a radioactive amino-acid. After incubation, the tissue is homogenized with the medium, the homogenate centrifuged, inactive amino-acid added as a hold back carrier, and the proteins in the supernatant separated from all compounds of low molecular weight, including the radioactive amino-acid, by ultrafiltration under pressure (nitrogen). The different proteins are then separated, burnt to carbon dioxide, and the radioactivity of the carbon is determined with the very sensitive gas Geiger counter3,4. Radioactivity of the carbon dioxide indicates that the amino-acid has been incorporated into the protein, that is, that proteins have been synthesized from the amino-acids by the tissue.

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