Geomagnetic and Ionospheric Phenomena associated with Nuclear Explosions

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NUCLEAR explosions at high altitudes were carried out at Johnston Island (geographically 16.7° N., 169.4° W. ; geomagnetically 14.3° N., 256.5° E.) at 10:50 G.M.T. on August 1 and at 10:30 G.M.T. on August 12, 19581. Auroræ associated with these explosions were observed on both days at Honolulu2 and Apia3. Apia auroræ on August 1 have been discussed by Cullington3, Fowler et al.4, Kellogg et al.5 and Elliot et al.6. In this communication geomagnetic and ionospheric effects associated with these events are described from the International Geophysical Year obtained at various stations in the Pacific area and the American continent.

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