Isolation of a Soil Coccus capable of utilizing ‘Tween 80’ as a Sole Source of Carbon

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IT is interesting that some organisms can utilize as their source of carbon a synthetic substance such as ‘Tween 80’ (polyoxyethylene sorbitanmono-oleate). My collaborators and I1 have proved that tubercle bacilli can utilize ‘Tween 80’ as a sole source of carbon, and Yamane et al. 2 then devised a simple and practicable ‘Tween’-agar medium for tubercle bacilli containing ‘Tween 80’ as a main source of carbon. I wished to investigate3 the details of the mechanisms of ‘Tween’ metabolism, but tubercle bacilli are not suitable for this purpose because their growth is so slow, their endogenous substrates are too abundant4, and experiments with the bacilli can be dangerous. I therefore decided to try to isolate bacteria more suitable for the purpose from the soil.

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MINAMI, K. Isolation of a Soil Coccus capable of utilizing ‘Tween 80’ as a Sole Source of Carbon. Nature 181, 430–431 (1958) doi:10.1038/181430b0

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