Discovery of Radon


THE books on radioactivity and physics agree in attributing the discovery of radium emanation to E. or F. Dorn, giving as a reference either Abhl. Naturf. Ges. Halle (1900) or (such as “Geiger and Scheel” and “Wien-Harms”) the same publication, 22, 155 (1900). Mellor adds, “E. Dorn, Ueber die von radioaktiven Substanzen ausgesandte Emanation, Stuttgart, 1900”. The volume of the Abhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Halle mentioned, namely, 22, is dated 1900–1, and p. 155 is in the middle of a long article on the flora of Scandinavia.

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PARTINGTON, J. Discovery of Radon. Nature 179, 912 (1957).

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