Active Secretion of Sodium Ions from Isolated Sodium-rich Skeletal Muscle

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THE isolated sartorius of the frog, when immersed in Ringer fluid with normal potassium content, loses potassium and gains sodium rather rapidly at room temperature1. This also occurs at 0° C., but at a slower rate, the gain of sodium being greater when potassium-free Ringer is used2. When this potassium-free Ringer fluid has the same average inorganic composition as frog plasma1 with a sodium content of 104 mM, the change in muscle sodium overnight is from its normal content of 24 m.equiv./kgm. to 47 m.equiv./kgm. (the average change in weight being only −1.2 per cent). If companion muscles are similarly treated and then immersed at room temperature for 2 hr. in similar fluid containing 10 m.equiv. potassium/litre, but the same concentration of sodium, there is no appreciable excretion of sodium. Steinbach's conclusions3 to the contrary have been shown to depend very largely, if not altogether, on a faulty statistical procedure.

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