Effect of L-Thyroxine on Carotene and Vitamin A Metabolism in the Cow and the Chick


IT has long been known that vitamin A metabolism is related to the functioning of the thyroid gland1–3. The relation between thyroid hormone and fæcal excretion of ingested carotene has been demonstrated by Cama and Goodwin4 in the rat, and by Chanda et al. 5 in the cow and the goat. The effect of the thyroid on the storage of dietary carotene as vitamin A in the liver of rats has also been demonstrated3. Chanda and Owen6 studied the changes in the carotene and vitamin A content of cow and goat milk as effected by parenteral administration of DL-thyroxine. More recently, Chanda, Clapham and Owen7 have reported their findings on the effect of anterior pituitary thyrotrophic hormone on the simultaneous changes in the partition of carotenoids and vitamin A in the blood serum and the milk of cows.

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