Microwave Spectrum of Methyl-Cyanoacetylene


THOUGH methyl-cyanoacetylene (methyl-propiol-nitrile) is a substance of some interest structurally, its preparation has not apparently been described. With the object of studying the microwave spectrum of this substance, we have prepared it by the method used for obtaining higher alkyl-cyanoacetylenes by Grignard and Courtot1 and Curran and Wenzke2. The Grignard reagent, H3CCCMgBr, was treated with cyanogen chloride and a moderate yield of methyl-cyanoacetylene isolated as a colourless, low-melting solid of sweet, penetrating aromatic odour. The best sample obtained to date, by vacuum fractionation, has melting point 16° C., boiling point 101.5° C. (754 mm.) and n 170 D = 1.4342, but we regard these values as preliminary ones, pending a closer study of possible traces of impurities.

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