Passage of Glucose and Glycerol across the Red Cell Membrane


DURING recent years, increasing evidence has accumulated indicating that the passage of glucose across the human red cell membrane and of glycerol across the human and rabbit membranes is not a process of simple diffusion. The results of Wilbrandt and Rosenberg1, Lefevre2 and Widdas3 show that the kinetics are not those of a simple diffusion process, and the effect of enzyme inhibitors indicates that at least specific adsorption sites are involved. The work of Lefevre4 showed the inhibiting action of —SH agents; for example, p-chloromercuribenzoates, iodine and mercuric ions on glucose and glycerol transfer, the work of Jacobs and Corson5 showed the inhibition of glycerol transfer by copper, and Wilbrandt6 showed that glucose penetration is inhibited by lachrymators whereas glycerol remains unaffected. The passage of both glycerol and glucose is inhibited by phloridzin4.

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