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Clinical Trials

A prospective study to evaluate a new dental management protocol before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation


Pre-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) dental treatment is essential to prevent serious infections from oral sources during immunosuppression, in patients who undergo HSCT therapy. This study was planned to establish a dental management protocol for such patients. Forty-one patients scheduled for HSCT to treat hematological malignancies were consecutively enrolled in the prospective trial. The dental status of all patients was evaluated by clinical and radiographic examination at a median of 47 days before the commencement of HSCT therapy. Thirty-six patients had one or more dental diseases; the remaining five had none. Caries was found in 26 patients, apical periodontitis in 19, marginal periodontitis in 24 and a partially erupted third molar in 11. Our policy is to preserve patients' teeth whenever possible, and therefore minimal dental intervention was planned. Treatment was completed for all 36 patients with dental pathologies, before the conditioning regimen began. All patients received the scheduled HSCT therapy without alteration, interruption or delay, and did not show any signs or symptoms associated with odontogenic infection while they were immunosuppressed. This protocol, therefore, appears to be appropriate for the pre-HSCT dental treatment of patients with hematological diseases.

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