Progenitor Cell Mobilisation

Blood stem cell collection using chemotherapy with or without systematic G-CSF: experience in 52 patients with multiple myeloma

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Harvesting of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs) following chemotherapy and G-CSF administration is currently performed for hematological therapies. However, a procedure based on the use of a large quantity of G-CSF is relatively costly. Therefore, we retrospectively compared the effects of two PBSC mobilization procedures in a population with recently diagnosed multiple myeloma. The first procedure consisted of chemotherapy and systematic G-CSF administration (group 1: 24 patients). The second consisted of chemotherapy alone, G-CSF having been administered only in the case of failure of PBSC mobilization or delayed white blood cell (WBC) recovery (group 2: 28 patients). Leukapheresis was performed when WBC recovery reached 1 × 109/l if the peripheral blood CD34+ cell count was over 10/μl. Leukapheresis was maintained until a total of 2.5 × 106 CD34+ cells/kg was harvested. A significant difference was observed between the two groups only in regard to the median period of WBC recovery (delayed for group 2) and the number of CD34+ cells/kg collected on the first leukapheresis (higher for group 1) but not to the proportion of patients with failure of PBSC collection. Ten group 2 patients, who had insufficient CD34+ cells after WBC recovery or delayed WBC recovery, received G-CSF which resulted in sufficient PBSC harvesting in nine. To obtain a sufficient CD34+ cell level, the patients without systematic G-CSF administration had more leukaphereses (2.1 vs 1.5) but the mean consumption of G-CSF per patient was eight times less than in the other group. Nonsystematic use of G-CSF before WBC recovery or preferentially its introduction just after, could be an interesting economical alternative in PBSC mobilization but should be assessed by a prospective controlled study of cost/efficacy.

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