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A high resolution HLA class I and class II matching method for bone marrow donor selection


HLA matching in bone marrow transplantation has an important role in determining successful outcome. However HLA typing of both potential related and unrelated donors can be both time-consuming and laborious, and does not always resolve accurately the true level of histocompatibility. We have utilised a method, reference strand mediated conformation analysis (RSCA), which is technically simple and allows high resolution matching for all HLA loci, for the typing of 48 patients and their potential 120 donors. The results indicate that RSCA can detect many mismatches that are not routinely identified by conventional HLA typing methods. In addition, RSCA can be applied for the simultaneous analysis of multiple potential BM donor samples in order to quickly identify the best match for each patient.

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Argüello, J., Little, AM., Bohan, E. et al. A high resolution HLA class I and class II matching method for bone marrow donor selection. Bone Marrow Transplant 22, 527–534 (1998).

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  • HLA matching
  • bone marrow donor selection
  • RSCA

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