An Experiment on Nuclear Alignment: the Anisotropy of γ-Radiation from Oriented Cobalt-60 Nuclei


RADIATIONS from radioactive nuclei oriented at random are isotropic; but if the nuclei are even partially aligned, an anisotropic distribution should in general be found provided I is greater than ½, as shown by Spiers1. In order to align nuclei, one makes use of the energy differences between the various orientations of the nuclear spin. By cooling to low enough temperatures, the lower levels will be preferentially populated, and in suitable systems this corresponds to a spatial alignment. In general, these energy differences are so small that temperatures obtainable only by adiabatic demagnetization must be used.

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DANIELS, J., GRACE, M. & ROBINSON, F. An Experiment on Nuclear Alignment: the Anisotropy of γ-Radiation from Oriented Cobalt-60 Nuclei. Nature 168, 780–781 (1951).

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