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New Derivatives of Nitroparaffins and their Antitubercular and Antirickettsial Properties

Naturevolume 168pages562563 (1951) | Download Citation


  • An Erratum to this article was published on 08 December 1951


AS I have indicated earlier, the reaction of nitroparaffins with formaldehyde and ammonia or amines may lead to the formation of polymers1. Further experiments have shown2 that a number of new ring compounds of 1 : 3-tetrahydro-oxazine (I and II) and 1-oxa-3-aza-cyclooctane (III) type are formed by the interaction of 1-nitropropane with formaldehyde and ammonia. The products can be transformed into hydrochlorides of the open-chain amines (IV), (V), (VI) or methiodide (VII). 2-Nitropropane yields the amine (VIII)3 with formaldehyde and ammonia.


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  1. Department of Chemistry, Institute of Technology, Warsaw

  2. Institute of Tuberculosis, Warsaw



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