Growth of Small Businesses


    THE paper, "problems of Growth in Industrial Undertakings, presented before the British Institute of Management by Colonel L. Urwick on January 12, has now been issued as NO. 2 of the Winter Proceedings, 1948–49, together with a report of the discussion including written contributions. colonel-Urwick emphasizes that re-organisation is a continuous process requiring specific provision, and that one of the main tasks of re-organisation is to keep the different parts of a business in balance. Growth is essential if individuals employed by an undertaking are to grow as individuals, and balance is essential" in terms of time as well as in terms of the relative strength of parts. Col. Urwick considers that factual research is needed to determine whether growth should be continuous or interspersed by periods of consolidation.

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    Growth of Small Businesses. Nature 163, 966 (1949).

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