D.D.T.-Resistance in Houseflies in Denmark


SINCE early in 1944, when insecticidal products containing D.D.T. were first put on the market in Denmark, a great proportion of the available D.D.T has been used for fly control on our farms. The commonest practice has been to spray the inside of cowsheds, pigsties, etc., with a water suspension or emulsion, usually containing not more than 0·05–0·1 per cent D.D.T., at the rate of about 0·1–0·2 gm. D.D.T. per sq. metre. The spraying must be carefully done. This dosage may seem rather small ; but in the first year or two it worked well in most places, and many farmers were able to keep their farm buildings free from flies by spraying two or three times a year.


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