Training the Employment Interviewer


    AN article on the means of making employment interviewers more efficient in selecting and allocating applicants for johs has been written by John Munro Fraser in the current issue of Psychology at Work (2, No. 2, May 1949). These courses have been organise by the National Institute of Industrial Psychology and are arranged in groups of three, the first of the group having been started in September 1946 to provide instruction in the systematic approach to selection and allocation and to give supervised practice in interviewing. On the second course, which was arranged some months later, students are given more intensive practice in interviewing. A little later the third course takes place, and here the personnel officers attending are shown how to use and interpret a series of intelligence tests suitable for different levels of employees. Already a number of these grouped courses have been arranged in different parts of Great Britain, and the results have been entirely satisfactory, a reasonable standard of competence having been reached by the students.

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