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    DR. J. G. C. ANDERSON, of the Geological Survey, who is to succeed Prof. A. H. Cox as professor of geology at University College, Cardiff, received his early training under Sir Edward Bailey at Glasgow. After graduating, he carried out postgraduate research, obtaining a Ph.D. in 1935. During his stay at Glasgow he was awarded the Mitchell Trust Bursary in science, and the Mackinnon Scholarship in geology. He was appointed to the Scottish Office of the Geological Survey in 1937, and worked for a time on routine work in the west of Scotland. When the outbreak of war interrupted normal Survey work, Dr. Anderson, in common with other members of the staff, undertook a series of investigations into the mineral resources of Scotland, the results of which were published in emergency wartime pamphlets. Among the materials investigated by Dr. Anderson were sands and gravels, silica rocks, limestone, oil shale and talc ; and he was also the principal author of a Survey memoir on the Scottish granites. Apart from these official activities, Dr. Anderson has published a number of papers dealing especially with the igneous intrusions of the west of Scotland, and with the geology of the Dalradian rocks of the Highland Border region. Latterly he has extended his researches to the crystalline rocks of- the west of Ireland, and has recently published an important paper on. the Moinian rocks of Donegal.

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