Geology at Cardiff : Prof. A. H. Cox


    PROF. A. HUBERT Cox, who has held the chair of geology in University College, Cardiff, since 1918, is to retire at the end of this session. A graduate of Birmingham, and Strassburg, he had already published important papers on a wide range of subjects, and this extensive interest in research in both pure and applied geology has characterized the activities of the Department at Cardiff. Prof. Cox, alone or in collaboration, has made valuable contributions to our knowledge of the sequence and structure of the Cader Idris-Dolgelly region and of north Pembrokeshire. His interest in coalfield geology, shown first by his work on South Staffordshire fireclays, led to the recognition of the significance of the group of red beds (the Deri Beds) in the coal measures of Monmouthshire and East Glamorgan ; recent extensions of this investigation, jointly with L. R. Moore, have led to a renewed interest in the sequence of coal measures in the east of the South Wales coalfield. Prof. Cox's early work on the factors controlling variations in the thickness of the Upper Carboniferous sediments in part of South Wales marked another important advance. His concern with coalfield problems led him to a study of mine dusts and their relation to 'silicosis'. and to attempts to use electrical resistivity methods for the detection of water-filled areas in disused mines. As a recipient of the J. B. Tyrrell Fund from the Geological Society he spent several summers working in Canada. His influence has always been exerted in support of geology as an educational subject. Tribute was paid to his contributions to research by the award in 1948 of the Lyell Medal of the Geological Society.

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