The Lungfish and the Unicorn


    NOTHING captures the imagination of man more than the thought that somewhere, hidden behind the green, moist walls of almost impenetrable jungle, lurks a reptlian survivor of the prehistoric past. In this well documented and intelligent book Mr. Willy Ley discusses not only the popular rumours and the 'living fossils' such as the tuatera, platypus and lung-fish, but also the historical and mythological background to the strange creatures of legend and antiquity.

    The Lungfish and the Unicorn

    An Excursion into Romantic Zoology. By Willy Ley. Pp. 254. (London : Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications, 1948.) 10s. 6d. net.

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    The Lungfish and the Unicorn. Nature 163, 934 (1949).

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