Machines for the Farm, Ranch and Plantation


THE authors at this book have set themselves the difficult task of providing information on the host of different machines used in American agriculture. They have made a good start by adopting an intelligent system of classification of the equipment under the six headings of seedbed preparation machines, crop planting machines, crop tillage machines, harvest and harvest handling machines, mechanical power and transportation machines, and general service machines and barn and produce equipment. The chapters are well set out with clear headings to the sections and sub-sections, a wealth of good illustrations and with a useful summary at the end of each ; in fact, the plans and foundations are excellent. It is unfortunate that the structure built on those foundations is not nearly so good.

Machines for the Farm, Ranch and Plantation

By Arthur W. Turner Elmer J. Johnson. Pp. xvi+793. (New York and London: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1948.) 36s.


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