Co-operation between Universities and Technical Colleges


    IN his address to a recent meeting of the Yorkshire Council for Further Education, Sir Ronald Weeks, chairman of the National Advisory Council for Education in industry and Commerce, discussed the need for much closer co-operation between universities- and technical colleges (Tech. J., 41, No. 4 ; April 1949). Considering the place of the graduate in industry, Sir Ronald said that more attention should be given to the possibility of strengthening the science graduate on the technological side, and the Higher National Certificate student on the science side. Arrangements should also be made whereby graduate students could attend special courses of technology at the technical college either by block release or part-time study. Sir Ronald Weeks suggested certain principles for the provision of arrangements of this kind which must be observed. Among these are the following : both universities and technical colleges must be considered available for meeting the needs, having regard to their present facilities or possible future facilities ; the convenience and needs of the students must come first, particularly in the case of part-time students ; technical colleges must not be regarded as the poor relations of the universities, as this is fatal to co-operation and good understanding ; there must be an easy means of transfer of students from universities to technical colleges, and vice versa.

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