Le Bartonien du bassin de Paris


LUCIEN MORELLET, whose death occurred in 1945, was one of the many distinguished French geologists who have devoted their attention to the richly fossillferous Eocene deposits of the Paris Basin. In Collaboration with his brother, Jean Morellet, he studied especially the calcareous algæ, on which he recognized as a world-wide authority, and the Parisian Eocene strata above the Lutetian. The results of more than forty years of observations and collecting by the two workers on this latter subject have now been edited and arranged by M. J. Morellet, and issued as a memoir of the Service de la Carte Géologique.

Le Bartonien du bassin de Paris

Par L. et J. Morellet. Pp. viii + 437. (Paris: Service de la Carte géologique, 1948.) N.p.


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E., G. Le Bartonien du bassin de Paris. Nature 163, 896 (1949). https://doi.org/10.1038/163896c0

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