The Badger


THIS monograph on the badger by Ernest Neal is, I think, the best book that has been published on this nocturnal animal. The author has a literally astonishing knowledge of the badger and its habits, and he is able to set down this knowledge in an attractive form and in good and readable prose. The reader with him visits the badger's setts, and there watches the fascinating chapters in the animal's life. He sees a badger emerge from the sett or earth, scratch himself, romp with his mate, and call out the young ones.

The Badger

By Ernest Neal. (New Naturalist Monograph Series.) Pp. xv + 158 + 25 plates. (London and Glasgow: Wm. Collins, Sons and Co., Ltd., 1948.) 12s. 6d. net.


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GORDON, S. The Badger. Nature 163, 894 (1949).

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